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JUST OUT - The go-to relationship book!

Wanted – How To Create A Relationship that Really Works  has just been launched and is now available on in print and kindle version - go to Subscribe here and follow me on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date! Plus, for your convenience, the questionnaires and exercises found in my book are now available for download on this site: please click here. Come back soon!


“I haven't finished many self help type books as I never found them interesting or relevant to my particular problem. The only books I have finished which I enjoyed were the artists way or something like chicken soup. These two books had activities for the reader to do and lots of personal stories which I personally enjoy. I want to know how other people dealt with it and what I personally could try. With your book I felt connected and engaged, it was relevant to my situation and reminded me of all your advice. I liked hearing your personal stories and those of your other clients. I love that the perosn I have come to know is the same voice I was hearing in the book, it felt as though you were in the room talking to me. Your book made me feel less alone as you read about other couples going through similar problems. Your book was not just about information, it showed how to apply it and gave lots of examples. It was easy reading, no technical language or unnecessary information."

- Janet

“Let me preface this by saying that I loathe self-help books and the closest I have ever got to reading a 'self-helpy' type book was Eat, Pray, Love. But this is what makes your book so remarkable - not only did I finish it but I really enjoyed reading it. What I enjoyed most was that it perfectly intertwines autobiography, self-help and psychology. I bookmarked loads of pages and honestly think that your 'Allies' should be the blueprint for marriage prep courses. Your exercises are totally do-able too. I actually did one (Expectations Exercise) with my husband. I was aware that my marriage needed some CPR and this book was my wake-up call. Please let me know when your website is up and running as I would like to download some more exercises. Lastly, your view on love being the end game is remarkable and enlightening. I also loved how you reiterated self-love and its importance. Please publish this soon - I want all of my friends to read it ASAP 🙂 Thank you for trusting me with your book. I have no doubt that it will transform many, many relationships. "

- Jolene Chait